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There are many things to know about the various types of astigmatism surgery and costs in Delaware. Astigmatism is an eye condition that leads to blurriness of vision. If it occurs early in life, it may improve for several years with basic corrective lenses. However, after the age of thirty or so, astigmatism is likely to worsen with age rather than improve. The mechanism that causes astigmatism is an inability of the eye to hone in on an object and create a clear, focused picture on the retina. It is extremely common and can range from very mild to severe.

There are several different forms of astigmatism, but these days, all of them are typically corrected through laser surgery. This is especially true in Delaware, which has experienced a profusion of bladeless laser specialists and surgical centers over the past twenty years. Myopic astigmatism leads to nearsightedness, while hyperopic astigmatism leads to farsightedness. Both eyes can experience astigmatism to different degrees -- in fact, one can be nearsighted and the other farsighted, or one can have clear vision while the other suffers from complications. Lenses are used as a temporary solution, but laser surgery is usually the "last word" in these treatments.

Laser surgery for astigmatism correction in Delaware tends to cost about $1,900 to $2,150 per eye. However, there are alternatives. Legacy procedures that use surgical instruments are still available at many Delaware eye care centers. Although most people do not prefer these procedures due to the risk of side effects, there is no doubt that they are less expensive on average. A typical Delaware price for procedures using a bladed instrument would be about $1,580 per eye. In some cases, private insurance may partially subsidize your costs -- consult with an insurance expert from your insurance agency or a trustworthy healthcare agency.

Delaware residents should be leery of any source advertising exceptionally low astigmatism correction prices. There have been circulars in Wilmington, Dover and elsewhere advertising astigmatism correction for as low as $499 per eye. Although this is theoretically possible, the vast majority of patients will not qualify for these rates. Instead, they will have to pay additional amounts thanks to the need for follow up procedures. These follow ups cannot be skipped, as they build upon the correction available in the initial surgery. A patient should typically budget at least $2,000 per eye, although lower rates are possible if your eyes are otherwise healthy.

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