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Types of Astigmatism Surgery and Costs in Hawaii – What are the Types of Astigmatism Surgery in Hawaii?

Astigmatism is a common vision problem that does not have anything to do with the health status of the eye. In fact, astigmatism effects how the eye's capability of focusing light. In other words, the light does not enter the eye at one single point but rather different points at the same time. The light may enter either behind or in front of the retina or may enter the eye from both points. Symptoms associated with astigmatism include blurred vision, headaches, and vision distortion. A person may also find themselves squinting if astigmatism is left uncorrected for a prolonged period.

Although lens correction may be used to treat astigmatism, there are also surgical procedures that help. In fact, surgical procedures seem to be a preferred method since it corrects vision without the need for glasses or contacts. The types of astigmatism surgery in Hawaii that you may consider are PRK, LASEK, LASIK, CK, and AK. PRK is performed using a laser that shapes the upper area of the eye's cornea. However, PRK is generally not the first choice for surgeons when it comes to astigmatism correction since there are more advanced surgeries available as an option to patients.

LASEK and LASIK surgery are similar in that they both correct astigmatism. Both procedures allow the surgeon to create a small flap in the epithelial layer that covers the cornea. The difference between both procedures is that LASEK surgery usually uses a much smaller flap than LASIK surgery. Both surgeries are highly effective and the most commonly used by ophthalmologists. The cost of these surgeries is usually the same since the procedures are so similar to one another. Keep in mind that it LASEK surgery may not be covered by your health insurance whereas insurance companies will cover the cost of LASIK surgery.

CK and AK are among the newest types of surgery used to correct astigmatism. AK makes use of deep incisions made in the cornea that is meant to relax and shape the cornea for better vision purposes. CK also changes the shape of the cornea but uses radio frequency. Most CK surgeries are experimental and so they are not as widely used, though the results have been promising so far. Do your research concerning the types of astigmatism surgery in Hawaii so you know what questions or concerns you have for your surgeon prior to the date of your surgery.

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