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Astigmatism is a disorder of the eyeball that causes an inability to see well at a distance. The astigmatism may be mild or severe, and is one of the most common issues with vision. Typically, the treatment for astigmatism includes corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. However, this is one of the most easily treated problems, and astigmatism surgery is often very effective and easy to attain. Those with both farsightedness and nearsightedness can have astigmatism, because the astigmatism, which causes the cornea to be shaped differently than the inner portion of the eye, is part and parcel of vision problems.

Not all patients with astigmatism are good candidates for surgery. Typically, the amount of astigmatism must remain stable for a very long period of time before surgery can be considered. The reasoning behind this is that if the cornea shape continues to change and the astigmatism continues to worsen, corrective surgery may not work for the long term. The patient may need to get mild eyeglasses in the future. However, surgery can help those with severe astigmatism retain a large measure of regular vision, greater night vision, full depth perception and peripheral vision. There are several surgical options available.

Types of astigmatism surgery and Costs in Indiana will vary widely. Surgery options include LASIK, which uses lasers to flatten the cornea, rendering the shape of the cornea round like a soccer ball and not elongated. This is the most popular type of corrective surgery, and one that has the greatest level of success. The following are the usual surgery options: PRK, LASIK, LASEK, CK and AK. PRK, LASIK and LASEK all use lasers to correct the shape of the cornea. CK uses radio frequencies, and AK uses surgical incisions on the corneal muscles. The type of surgery that is needed will always depend on the patient's astigmatism levels, the risk factors and the clinic's equipment.

While surgery has been extremely effective for astigmatism treatment, there are some risk factors to be considered. Pain, dry eye, halos, distortion of vision, and even blindness can happen. The rule of thumb for success is the lower the amount of astigmatism, the greater chance for a successful outcome. In addition, the skill of the surgeon needs to be considered. While most insurance will not cover the costs in Indiana, many patients can get a loan or make a payment plan to help pay for this elective procedure.

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The Eye Center of Southern Indiana
1011 West Second Street
Bloomington, IN 47403
Pankratz Eye Institute
3135 Middle Dr.
Columbus, IN 47203
Ophthalmology Consultants of Fort Wayne, Inc., P.C
7232 Engle Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
The Eye Center of Fort Wayne
321 E. Wayne St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Michiana Eye Center
1765 Stafford Court
Goshen, IN 46526
Boling Laser Center
1615 Winsted Drive
Goshen, IN 46526
Indiana Eye Clinic
30 N. Emerson Ave.
Greenwood, IN 46143
Price Vision Group
9002 N. Meridian Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46260
200 W. 103rd Street, Suite 1020
Indianapolis, IN 46290
Lanter Eye Care and Laser Surgery
5025 E. 82nd Street Suite 2300
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers
55 Quartermaster Court
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Arnett Clinic
2600 Greenbush Street
Lafayette, IN 47904
Deschamps Eye Care
8510 Broadway
Merriville, IN 46410
Indiana Lasik Center
611 E. Douglas Rd., Suite 102
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Muncie Eye Center
200 N. Tillotson Avenue
Muncie, IN 47304
John-Kenyon American Eye Institute
519 State Street
New Albany, IN 47150
Eye Associates
1350 Jim Day Road
Salem, IN 47167
Ohio Valley Eye Institute
3903 S 7th St., Suite 1C
Terre Haute, IN 47802
Vision Surgery & Laser Center of Indiana
502 Marquette St.
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Wabash Valley Eye Center
1209 South State Road 57
Washington, IN 47501

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