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Many people suffer from astigmatism. This is a condition in which vision is blurry. There are several causes including the cornea has an irregular shape and the lens of the eye being irregular in shape. Treatment options for people who have astigmatism include wearing glasses, different types of contact lenses that are soft and rigid, laser surgery and other refractive surgeries. Many surgeries are used to correct astigmatism. These include LASIK surgery, PRK surgery, LASEK surgery, astigmatism keratomileusis surgery and laser thermokeratoplasty surgery. Each of these surgeries is performed on patients with carrying degrees of astigmatism present.

LASIK and LASEK surgeries are the most commonly performed surgeries for people with Astigmatism in Oklahoma. LASIK surgery for this condition involves a reshaping of the cornea. The eye is numbed with anesthetic eye drops, and a thin flap is made by a thin blade cutting the cornea tissue. This flap is opened and the cornea is exposed. Once the cornea is reshaped, the light will filter through the eye properly. This will eliminate any symptoms cause by the astigmatism. LASEK surgery is similar to LASIK, but the difference is the flap that is cut is much thinner. This does not disturb the corneal stroma as much, which can offer better results.

LASIK and LASEK surgeries are priced comparatively to one another. This type of astigmatism surgery in Oklahoma costs an average of $2,150 per eye. The surgery is performed either in a surgery eye center or a hospital. The recovery time for LASEK surgery is typically longer than with LASIK surgery. The vision recovery takes a bit longer with LASEK as well. There tends to be a bit more inflammation in which an anti-inflammatory eye drops is usually prescribed and given after the surgery to prevent this from occurring.

The cost of astigmatism surgery can often be covered by insurance, if other treatment plans have failed. Some insurance will not cover this surgery, because it is considered an elective procedure, but many eye doctors offer payment plans or financial assistance to help with the cost of astigmatism surgery in Oklahoma. Astigmatism is not an age related condition, so there is no predisposition when people get older. This is a congenital condition that is thought to be an inherited condition. Many people suffer from this condition along with nearsightedness or farsightedness. The surgeries can correct the vision disturbances caused by the condition and allow the light to filter through the eye as intended.

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