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Astigmatism is a condition that occurs when the eye does not have an evenly rounded shape. Patients with astigmatism have an eye that is shaped more like a football than a basketball. Having astigmatism can cause distortions in the patient's vision. Most patients find that their vision is blurred and they have trouble focusing with this condition. Your ophthalmologist will be able to easily diagnose astigmatism and provide you with several treatment options. There are glasses and contact lenses that will help with astigmatism. If you prefer a permanent procedure, some types of astigmatism surgery are an option as well.

The most important thing to know about the types of astigmatism surgery and costs in South Dakota is that this is considered an elective procedure. Your insurance company may not help you pay for it, so you'll need to consider options for taking care of the costs out of pocket. Many eye care centers will offer financing for elective procedures such as this. With a financing plan, you can pay for the surgery in smaller installments over the course of several months. The type of surgery that you choose will affect how much the procedure costs. The most common option is LASIK laser vision correction.

With LASIK laser vision correction for astigmatism, the top layer of the cornea is first peeled back as a kind of flap. The surface of the eye is then exposed to the laser. The eye will be reshaped with the cold laser to create a rounded shape as opposed to the oval shape found in those with astigmatism. The flap is replaced over the eye after it has been reshaped. The flap will heal naturally in time, but the patient needs to wear an eye shield at night to prevent rubbing, avoid physical activities, and keep water out of the eyes for the first few weeks.

A second option for correcting astigmatism surgically is a toric lens implant. Some patients elect to have lens implants done simply for vision correction, but most have a lens implant as a replacement for the natural lens as part of cataract surgery. Patients with cataracts will have their own lens removed. A toric lens replacement instead of a standard lens will effectively fix astigmatism. LASIK surgery is about $1,500 to $2,000 in South Dakota. Corrective lenses run between $3,000 and $4,500. If you're having the lens with cataract surgery, your insurance may pay for a portion of the cost.

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