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Astigmatism is a common vision problem to have. Astigmatism is when you have blurry vision because you can't get your eyes to focus correctly. It used to be that the only way to correct astigmatism was to wear glasses. Now there are all kinds of astigmatism surgery that your eye surgeon can do to correct your astigmatism problem. The different types of astigmatism surgery are: LASIK, LASEK, PRK, LTK, and AK. And each one of them is different so your eye surgeon will have to talk with you about which one is the better option for you to go with.

LASIK is a common astigmatism surgical procedure. There are thousands of LASIK surgeries performed every day. What happens in LASIK is that the cornea gets scraped and then a flap is cut into the eye. The surgeon then uses the flap to get to the corneal tissue so that it can be reshaped and fix the astigmatism problem. LASEK is sort of like LASIK, but then it is different as well. In LASEK, there is also a flap cut in the eye, but the cornea is not scraped. Instead a solution of alcohol is used to dissolve the tissue so that the flap can be created. As with LASIK, the surgeon then uses the flap for the laser to reshape the cornea tissue to correct the problem. With PRK, there is an ultra violet laser used to reshape the corneal tissue, but one good thing is that there is no cutting involved with this procedure.

LTK is the quickest type of astigmatism surgery. The surgeon uses a special, non-contact laser to reshape the cornea in seconds instead of it taking an hour or so. This is not a method to go with if you want long-term results though. AK astigmatism surgery does not use a laser at all. Instead, the surgeon uses a tiny blade to create an incision in the cornea that causes the cornea to reshape itself thus, fixing the vision problem. This procedure is not done so much anymore because most people prefer the laser procedures.

When paying for astigmatism surgery costs in Vermont, you can expect the price to be from $3,000 per eye to $5,000 per eye. It just depends on the surgeon and which procedure you elect to get. Remember that insurance will not pay a dime for this procedure, so you will have to figure out how to pay for it on your own.

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