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When you have astigmatism, it can be difficult to get the right relief. Fortunately, there are many different types of surgery available today to help correct this condition. People generally rely on corrective lenses to help resolve their astigmatism issues but permanent relief can be obtained from many laser procedures that are done today. Learn about the types of astigmatism surgery and costs in Washington D.C. so that you can get everything that you need from your procedure. With so much to think about, it pays to do your homework.

The average cost of a laser procedure that corrects astigmatism is around $1500-$3000 per eye. This does depend on the type of surgery that you have and where it is performed, of course, but it is a good average estimate to help you get an idea of what you are dealing with. Choosing the right procedure is a matter of talking to a professional and figuring out what is right for your specific needs. Astigmatism is a misshaping of the cornea that results in blurred vision, so surgery that is done helps reshape the cornea to fix the blurring issues.

There are many types of astigmatism surgery to consider that can alleviate this issue. LASIK and its related procedures are the most commonly used eye surgeries. In these procedures, various methods are used to create a flap to access the cornea, allowing for reshaping before the flap is replaced or allowed to regenerate. Reshaping the cornea resolves the issue in most cases. LASEK and PRK are both similar to LASIK, with slightly different methods to consider depending on your specific situation and the needs that you have. AK and LTK procedures are other options that you have for vision correction, as well.

LTK involves using a laser to shrink the cornea and reshape it, which involves less invasiveness. However, it is also not a permanent option for most patients. AK surgery doesn't use lasers but traditional instruments to cut the cornea, which causes it to relax and take on the proper shape. This can be used on its own or with laser procedures, depending on your needs. Talk to an eye surgeon about your options for astigmatism surgery in Washington D.C. so that you can make the right decision and find a way to pay for treatment because insurance usually won't cover the costs. That way, you can get the relief that you deserve without the hassles.

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