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Astigmatism is the medical term for when an individual's vision is slightly blurred or distorted due to the eye's inability to focus on different objects or focal points. Astigmatism comes in two different forms: regular and irregular. Regular astigmatism can be corrected by astigmatism surgery or a corrective lens, while irregular astigmatism cannot be corrected with surgery. Irregular astigmatism cannot be corrected because it is often caused by scar tissue or a forming of crystals within the eye. There are three different types of astigmatism surgery available to patients within the state of West Virginia and all cost approximately the same price between $2,500 and $5,000.

The first type of available astigmatism surgery in West Virginia is known as LASIK. LASIK is an abbreviation for laser-assisted situ keratomileusis. LASIK is performed by a certified eye doctor who has specialized training in LASIK procedures. This procedure involves taking a small laser beam and creating a small flap on the surface of the cornea. That flap allows eye doctors to access any underlying tissue that may be causing the astigmatism. Once the flat has been created the eye doctor slowly scrapes away at the cornea and reshapes the cornea to fix the astigmatism.

The second type of available astigmatism surgery in West Virginia is a surgery known as PRK. PRK stands for photoreflective keratectomy. There is no cutting involved with this eye surgery, which means that the recovery time is fairly fast. PRK procedures are often used to correct a mild to moderate form of astigmatism. It can also be used to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. The procedure involves having an eye doctor take a small, pulsing beam of light and carefully reshape the different layers of the eye. This reshaping process allows the eye to fix the problems that cause astigmatism.

The third type of available astigmatism surgery in West Virginia is a surgery known as LASEK. LASEK is a surgical procedure that combines the benefits of LASIK and PRK procedures and puts them into a one-time procedure. This procedure involves creating a flap on the cornea where the eye doctor will use a 20% alcohol solution to remove any tissue that causes pressure to build on the eye. LASEK, LASIK and PRK are the most common types of astigmatism surgeries that most eye doctors will recommend to patients as the recovery time involves is fairly quick and all procedures are non-invasive.

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