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Arizona Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Correcting visions problems such as astigmatisms, near-sightedness and far-sightedness is done by relying upon eyeglasses and contact lenses, but a relatively new and non-invasive surgery can help individuals in the state of Arizona who are looking to correct these problems without resorting to eyeglasses and contact lenses. A surgical procedure known as LASIK can help correct a variety of vision problems that include astigmatisms, near-sightedness and far-sightedness. The procedure is commonly done in a clinical setting and performed by a trained and certified optometrist or eye surgeon.

There are two types of LASIK eye surgeries that can be performed in the state of Arizona traditional bladed surgery and bladeless surgery. Both surgeries are performed for the same purpose. They are performed to reshape the cornea of the eye. This reshaping technique corrects the vision impairments the individual is experiencing. The difference between traditional bladed LASIK and bladeless LASIK surgery is the type of instrument used to make the incision on the cornea, the recovery time and costs. Bladed LASIK surgery uses a small, microscopic blade to physically cut the cornea of the eye and reshape, while bladeless LASIK techniques like Interlase use a laser to perform the incision.

Recovery time is another differentiating factor between bladed and bladeless LASIK surgeries that are performed in Arizona. Bladed LASIK eye surgeries can sometimes take up to 10 days for the individual to recover. Bladeless LASIK surgeries heal faster and therefore the recovery time is shorter. Many patients who have had bladeless LASIK surgeries can return to work within 5 to 7 days. In addition to the recovery time difference there is a difference in surgery risks. The bladeless LASIK surgery carries a lower risk of complications as it is done by a small laser beam, which cuts a smaller, thinner incision than the bladed surgery.

In the state of Arizona the cost of traditional LASIK surgery is around $1,600-$2,000 per eye. The bladeless surgeries often cost $300-$500 more putting them at approximately $1,900-$2,500. The cost will vary depending upon what part of Arizona you live in, what surgeon is performing the procedure, and how complicated the procedure is. This cost is only for the surgery there could be other additional costs. Additional costs can include consultations, testing, medical supplies, clinic fees and cost for the surgeon. Insurance usually does not cover the cost of traditional or bladeless LASIK eye surgeries. This means you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the surgery at the time of the procedure.

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