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Idaho Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Bladeless LASIK surgery is an available option for anyone looking to correct their vision problems. This non-invasive surgery is designed to correct a variety of vision problems ranging from problems caused by astigmatisms to nearsightedness and farsightedness. Once the surgery is completed individuals no longer have to rely upon glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Understanding how the surgery is performed, what it might cost and who is a good candidate can help individuals who are thinking about having a bladeless LASIK surgery make their decision.

The basics behind bladeless LASIK surgery such as Interlase are fairly simple. If an individual is deemed a good candidate, the eye surgeon will create a tiny flap on the cornea of the eye. The flap is created by a small incision that is made by a laser. The eye surgeon will send small pulsating energy into the flap. This energy will slowly help to reshape the cornea of the eye and correct any vision problems. Once the cornea has been reshaped, the flap is placed back down and serves almost as a bandage while the eye heals itself.

Many individuals in the state of Idaho choose to have bladeless LASIK surgery, such as Interlase, over traditional LASIK surgery for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that the recovery time for bladeless LASIK is quicker than bladed LASIK. The recovery time for bladeless LASIK surgery is approximately four to five days, while bladed LASIK surgery can have a recovery time of up to two weeks. The quicker recovery time is due to the fact that the incision on the cornea is finer and thinner than bladed techniques. Another popular reason for choosing bladeless LASIK over bladed is the lower risk for infection. Bladeless LASIK has a lower risk for infections and complications due to the surgery than bladed LASIK.

Individuals in the state of Idaho who are looking into bladeless LASIK surgery can expect to pay a little less than the nationwide average for the surgery. Bladeless LASIK surgery in the state of Idaho costs approximately $1,900 per eye. The cost of the surgery will vary depending upon what surgeon is used, what part of Idaho the surgery is performed in, the complex nature of the surgery, and whether insurance covers the cost of the surgery. In most cases, the cost of bladeless LASIK surgery is considered an out of pocket expense and most insurance companies will not cover the actual surgery, but might cover some expenses such as medical supplies or anesthesiologists.

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