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Iowa Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are no longer the only solution to correcting vision problems. A non-invasive surgical procedure known as LASIK can help correct a variety of vision problems without having the patient resort to eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgical procedures are often performed by eye surgeons. Individuals who are interested in having this type of non-invasive surgical procedure performed will have to choose between two popular options bladed LASIK and bladeless LASIK.

Bladed and bladeless LASIK surgeries have the same surgical procedure performed. The eye surgeon will make a small incision along the cornea of the eye. This incision forms a flap that the eye surgeon will use to send pulsating energy onto the cornea. The pulsating energy will help reshape the cornea and correct vision problems. The difference between the two procedures lies in the type of surgical instrument the eye surgeon uses. Traditional bladed LASIK requires that the eye surgeon use a small, microscopic blade to make the incision. Bladeless LASIK procedures, such as Interlase, use a laser to make the incision. Using a laser to make an incision allows the eye surgeon to make a smaller, finer incision that heals faster.

Many patients when presented with the opportunity to choose between bladed and bladeless LASIK surgery will choose the bladeless procedure. Bladeless LASIK surgery is popular for a number of reasons. The biggest reason bladeless LASIK surgery is popular is because of the faster healing time. Bladeless LASIK surgery can have a recovery time of five to seven days, while the bladed LASIK surgery can have a recovery time of up to two weeks. Another reason for choosing bladeless over bladed is the lower risk of infection. The smaller, finer incision made during the bladeless procedure has less of a risk of becoming infected.

Individuals in the state of Iowa who are thinking of having bladeless LASIK surgery, such as Interlase, can expect to pay less than the nationwide average. The average cost of bladeless LASIK surgery in Iowa is approximately $1,700 per eye. The cost of each individual surgery will vary depending upon a number of factors. Factors such as the surgeon who is performing the surgery, the vision center chosen, the complex nature of the surgery and location in Iowa will all play a role in determining how much the surgery will cost. The exact cost of the LASIK procedure will be determined during a consultation with the surgeon.

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