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Kansas Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Bladeless LASIK surgery is a non-invasive procedure that is designed to help correct a variety of vision problems. Many vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatisms are caused by an uneven cornea. Bladeless LASIK procedures, such as Interlase, allow the eye surgeon to fix the shape of the cornea and correct any vision problems a patient may be experiencing. Understanding what exactly goes on during the bladeless LASIK procedure and how much the surgery will cost will help individuals in the state of Kansas determine if this is a vision correction option that is right for them.

Bladeless LASIK surgery is a fairly straightforward, non-invasive procedure. The eye surgeon will make a small incision along the eye using a laser. This incision will create a small flap that allows the surgeon to send pulsating energy into. The pulsating energy allows the eye surgeon to reshape the cornea of the eye and fix any vision problems that might be happening. When the cornea has been reshaped the flap is placed back down and used as a type of bandage that will protect the eye and cornea while it heals.

Bladeless LASIK surgery is an extremely popular choice when it comes to vision correction surgery. The major reason many patients choose bladeless LASIK is because of the faster healing time. Bladeless LASIK surgery has a healing time of approximately four to seven days, while the traditional bladed surgery has a recovery time of approximately two weeks. Another reason bladeless procedures are so popular is because of the reduced risk of infection. The small, fine incision created by the laser allows the cornea to heal faster, which reduces the chance of a patient experiencing any type of infection or complications as a result of the surgery.

Individuals in the state of Kansas who wish to have bladeless LASIK surgery will expect to pay considerably less than the other states in the United States. Kansas has one of the lowest costs of LASIK procedures in the nation. The average cost of bladeless LASIK surgery in Kansas is approximately $1,600 per eye. That price may be higher depending upon what surgeon is used, what vision center is chosen and the complex nature of the surgery. The exact price of the surgery will be determined during a consultation with the eye surgeon as they will be able to determine what surgery is needed and give you a quote.

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