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Mississippi Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Patients are tossing away their eyeglasses and contact lenses in favor of a new vision correction alternative. Bladeless LASIK surgery, such as Interlase, is believed to be a non-invasive surgical procedure that can correct a variety of vision problems. Vision problems such as astigmatisms, nearsightedness and farsightedness can all be corrected by subtly reshaping the cornea of the eye. Eye surgeons all across the state of Mississippi offer a variety of bladeless LASIK surgical procedures that are designed to help correct these vision problems.

The basics behind bladeless LASIK surgery are fairly simple. The eye surgeon will usually administer a general anesthetic. Once the patient is sedated the eye surgeon will begin the procedure. The eye will be opened and the surgeon will create a small incision on the cornea using a fine, tiny laser. This incision will make a tiny flap that can be lifted up. The surgeon will lift the flap up and administer a pulsating energy to the eye. The pulsating energy can help the surgeon reshape the eye and correct the vision problems the patient experiences. When the procedure is done the surgeon will place the flap back down on the cornea where it will serve as a natural bandage and protect the eye while it heals.

Bladeless LASIK surgery is often chosen over other vision correction alternatives for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason it is picked is because of the quick recovery time. Bladeless LASIK surgery has a recovery time of approximately four to seven days. The other surgical procedures, such as traditional bladed LASIK has a recovery time of two weeks. Another factor that plays into why patients choose bladeless LASIK is because of the pain-free procedure. There is relatively little pain associated with the procedure, which makes it very appealing to patients.

Bladeless LASIK surgery in the state of Mississippi costs approximately $1,700-$2,100 per eye. This price is significantly lower than the average cost nationwide. The cost of the surgery usually includes the surgical procedure and any follow-up care that may need to be conducted. The cost of the surgery does not include consultations, testing, medical supplies, surgeon fees and clinic fees. Medical insurance usually does not cover this type of surgical procedure. Most medical insurance companies consider this an elective surgery and will not cover the cost. However, in some cases it may be covered if it can prevent any medical problems.

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Eye Associates of the South
1720 Medical Parks Drive
Biloxi, MS 39532
The Center for Eye Care
1720 A Medical Park Dr., Ste 330
Biloxi, MS 39532
Mississippi Vision Correction Center, PLLC
1053 River Oaks Dr.
Flowood, MS 39232
Hattiesburg Eye Clinic
100 West Hospital Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Southern Eye Center
1420 South 28th Ave.
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Connie McCaa, M.D.
969 Lakeland Drive, Ste. 656
Jackson, MS 39216
Eye Care Professionals
1501 Lakeland Dr.
Jackson, MS 39216
Eye Clinic of Meridian
1301 20th Ave.
Meridian, MS 39302
Southern Eye Associates
6947 Crumpler Boulevard
Olive Branch, MS 38654
Toyos Clinic
391 Southcrest Circle, Suite 104
Southaven, MS 38671
Wesson & Mothershed Eye Clinic
3353 North Gloster
Tupelo, MS 38804

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