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Montana Bladeless LASIK Surgery

People considering undergoing a bladeless LASIK surgical procedure in the state of Montana will want to gather the facts before making a decision on whether this is the right vision correction procedure for them. Understanding the process behind the bladeless LASIK procedure, the complications and risks involved, and the cost can help individuals make their decision in regards to whether or not to have this procedure performed.

Bladeless LASIK surgery, like Interlase, is a non-invasive surgical procedure that is designed to correct a variety of vision problems. Vision problems ranging from astigmatisms to nearsightedness and farsightedness can be corrected with this surgery. The procedure involved with this type of surgery is fairly simple. The eye surgeon will make a small incision on the cornea of the eye. This incision is made with a fine laser. The incision will form a flap that can be lifted up. The eye surgeon will lift the flap and administer a pulsating energy that is designed to reshape the cornea. Once the cornea has been reshaped the flap is placed back down and used as a natural bandage while the eye heals.

There are very few risks and complications involved with bladeless LASIK surgery. The biggest complication reported was that some patients may feel a slight amount of pressure behind the eye. This pressure can be felt during the procedure and for some time afterwards, but it general goes away. Infections, another common risk of surgery, are also fairly uncommonly. The small incision made by the laser reduces the risk of an infection. Very few patients who have had bladeless LASIK surgery have encountered any type of infection as a result of the surgery.

People in the state of Montana can expect to pay approximately $1,900-$2,400 per eye for bladeless LASIK surgery. The cost will vary depending upon what surgeon is used, what clinic is chosen and the complex nature of the surgery. Patients who need the procedure in both eyes will need to double the cost even though the procedure is done at the same time. The cost of the surgery usually includes the actual procedure and any follow-up care that may need to be done. However, the cost does not include some things. The cost of the surgery does not include the consultation, surgeon's fees, clinic fees, medical supplies and any testing that may need to be done. These expenses can cost a patient anywhere from $25-$200 depending upon the surgeon and clinic that is used for the procedure.

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