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Nebraska Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Bladeless LASIK surgery is a relatively pain-free procedure that allows patients to correct a variety of vision problems without having to resort to eyeglasses or contact lenses. This surgical procedure is performed by an eye surgeon in an in-office procedure that takes approximately an hour. Bladeless LASIK surgery is often chosen over other vision correction procedures for a variety of reasons. Those reasons include the chance to do away with glasses and contact lenses, the pain-free nature of the surgery, and the fast recovery time.

The procedure that is involved with bladeless LASIK surgery is fairly simple. The eye surgeon will make a tiny incision on the cornea of the eye with a small, fine laser. This incision creates a flap that can be carefully lifted up. The surgeon will carefully lift the flap and send pulsating energy from a laser onto the cornea of the eye. This pulsating energy will reshape the cornea. Once the cornea is reshaped the vision problems will disappear. When the surgical procedure is finished the surgeon will place the flap back down and use it as a natural bandage to help with the healing process.

Patients who have undergone bladeless LASIK surgery have reported very little pain or complications. Some patients mentioned that they felt slightly uncomfortable after the procedure and there was a feeling of pressure on the eyeball, but nothing that was painful. There are very few unsuccessful surgeries reported when it comes to bladeless LASIK procedures. In addition, there are very few cases of infection reported. This is believed to because the laser used during the procedure makes a fine, precise cut along the cornea of the eye. The pain-free nature combined with the decreased risk for infection is why many patients chose to have bladeless LASIK procedures performed.

A Nebraska bladeless LASIK surgery is estimated to cost a patient approximately $1,500-$2,000 per eye. The actual cost of the surgery is hard to estimate because the price will vary from person to person. The variation in price is due to the fact that different surgeons charge different prices and more complex procedures are often priced higher. The exact price of a bladeless LASIK procedure can be given during a consultation with the eye surgeon. All patients have to undergo a consultation with the surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for the surgery. It is during this consultation that you can ask any questions or get a more accurate quote for the surgery.

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