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Nevada Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Many patients in the state of Nevada are considering using a non-invasive procedure known as LASIK to help with a variety of vision problems. LASIK surgery is believed to help correct vision problems that are often caused by the cornea of the eye becoming distorted in shape during the growth process. There are two types of LASIK procedures to consider bladed and bladeless surgical procedures. While both surgeries are intended to correct a variety of vision problems, there are subtle differences that can influence your decision for one surgery or the other.

The surgical procedures involved with both bladed and bladeless LASIK are fairly similar. Both procedures call for an eye surgeon to create a small flap on the cornea of the eye. The surgeon will lift the flap and use pulsating energy to reshape the cornea. The reshaping process allows the eye to correct the vision problems it experienced. The difference in the surgical procedures lies in the type of surgical instrument that is used. Bladed LASIK requires that a surgeon use a small, microscopic blade, while bladeless procedures like Interlase use a fine laser to create the incision.

When people are considering choosing a specific type of LASIK surgery they need to consider the advantages. Bladeless surgical procedures have the advantages of a quicker recovery time. Most bladeless LASIK procedures are completely healed within four to seven days, while bladed procedures can take up to two weeks to heal. However, on the other side bladed LASIK procedures have the advantage of being cost-effective. Traditional bladed LASIK surgery is often anywhere from $200-$500 cheaper than bladeless LASIK. This lower cost is due to the fact that traditional LASIK has been around for a number of years, while bladeless LASIK is still considered a relatively new procedure.

Individuals in the state of Nevada will pay anywhere between $1,500 and $1,800 per eye for the traditional bladed LASIK procedure. The bladeless LASIK procedure costs approximately $200-$500 more and will be approximately $1,700-$2,300 per eye. This price often includes the follow-up care the individual will need and the surgical procedure. Not included in this price are the surgeon's fees, clinic fees, medical supplies, consultations and testing. It is important to note that most medical insurances will not cover the cost of any LASIK procedure. All LASIK procedures are considered elective. Elective surgeries are often not covered under medical insurance which leaves the patient to pay for the entire cost out of pocket.

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