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Oregon Bladeless LASIK Surgery

Bladeless LASIK surgery is a vision correction alternative for people who no longer wish to rely upon eyeglasses and contact lenses. This non-invasive surgical procedure is designed to correct a variety of problems ranging from astigmatisms to nearsightedness and farsightedness. Patients in the Oregon area who are considering such a procedure will want to take time to understand exactly what is involved with the procedure, what to expect after the surgery and approximately how much the procedure will cost. The following will take a close look at that information.

The concept behind bladeless LASIK surgery is relatively simple. The eye surgeon will make a small incision along the cornea of the eye. The incision is made with a small, laser. This incision looks like a tiny flap that can be gently lifted up. The eye surgeon will lift the flap up and administer a pulsating energy to the eye. The pulsating energy can reshape the cornea of the eye and fix any vision problems the patient may experience. When the reshaping is complete the eye surgeon places the flap back down on the eye and the healing process begins.

Understanding what to expect during and after the surgery is important for patients. Patients during the surgery report a relatively pain-free process. There are no reports of stabbing pain and many patients barely remember the procedure. Some patients have reported feeling a slight pressure on or behind the eye during the surgery, but this is normal. After the surgery patients can expect a relatively quick recovery time, especially if the Interlase procedure was performed. Recovery time with bladeless LASIK surgery is approximately four to seven days. Most patients are able to return fully to work within a week with no complications or problems.

The cost of bladeless LASIK surgery in the state of Oregon is approximately $2,100-$2,900 per eye. This price is a little higher than the national average, but that is due to the higher cost of living in Oregon. The price of the surgery includes the surgical procedure and any follow-up care that the patient may need. The price does not include things such as additional fees, surgeon's fees, clinic fees, consultations and testing. These expenses are often considered additional fees and will be added to the price of the surgery. In addition, it is important to note that the quotes for bladeless LASIK surgery are per eye, which means if a patient needs the surgery performed on both eyes the cost will be doubled.

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