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People who are interested in LASIK surgery in Rhode Island will discover there have been enormous improvements to the traditional surgery. Bladeless LASIK, such as Interlase, allows surgeons to perform corrective surgery on their patients without those patients having the need for a surgical blade touch their eyes. This remarkable procedure uses an innovative procedure that relies on lasers to do the work traditionally relegated to more traditional surgical tools. When the optometrist uses a laser, the procedure is quite quick and almost painless for the patient. The recovery time is usually much shorter than that of traditional LASIK.

Every LASIK procedure starts with a thorough consultation with the Rhode Island surgeon, and bladeless LASIK is no exception. During this important appointment with the optometrist who will be performing the procedure, the patient will have ample opportunity to get answers to their questions. The surgeon will detail the steps necessary for the surgery to be a success. These steps include prepping the eye, using a laser to make a small incision in the cornea and repairing the cornea for optimal sight. Since a laser is used to correct the vision, there is usually very little pain and swelling for the patient which helps make the recovery period shorter.

Patients will find their costs for bladeless LASIK surgery in Rhode Island are typically between $1,700 and $2,950. This price covers the procedure for one eye and typically includes all aspects of the surgery. The consultation with the surgeon, preparations for the surgery, the actual surgery and follow-up care are all usually included within this cost. The actual cost of LASIK surgery depends upon the individual optometrist who is performing the procedure. Other factors that may influence the cost of the surgery include the location of the optometrist office as well as the actual region of the state in which that office is located.

Patients in Rhode Island who choose bladeless LASIK surgery to correct their vision can look forward to having a reduced amount of time spent recovering from the procedure. Using a laser means the surgeon does not need to introduce any surgical knives to the patient's eye. The laser also allows for a much more precise incision to be made by the optometrist. This precision means less pain for the patient as well as a very short procedure. Most surgeries for LASIK that use a laser are completed in about ten minutes.

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