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South Dakota Bladeless LASIK Surgery

LASIK has long been the procedure that patients consistently turn to again and again to correct their vision problems. With the latest technological innovations, however, comes a surgery that makes great improvements on that popular procedure. Bladeless LASIK allows surgeons in South Dakota to easily perform the corrective eye surgery so many people need without ever touching any part of the eye with a blade. This has many advantages for the patient, such as less pain and swelling, and a shorter recovery time.

Before a patient undergoes a bladeless LASIK procedure, such as Interlase, in South Dakota, the surgeon will schedule a thorough consultation. The purpose of this consultation is two-fold. During this period of time, the doctor will explain the procedure to the patient, including how the bladeless LASIK surgery is different than traditional LASIK. When using a bladeless procedure, the surgeon uses a laser to make a small flap in the cornea. This ensures a smooth edge to the flap which helps reduce the potential for side effects. The corrections to the eye are then performed by the surgeon, again while using the laser. During the consultation is the optimal time for the patient to ask any questions they might have.

The costs of bladeless LASIK in South Dakota are typically between $1700 and $2950. It is important to note that the pricing structure is based on a per eye estimate. Depending on a particular patient's needs, they might choose to have the procedure completed only on one eye at a time. This can help ensure the patient is still able to see in order to perform some of their normal duties. Other patients, however, choose to have the procedure completed on both eyes at the same time so they can enjoy unfettered vision to both of their eyes at once.

When using bladeless LASIK in South Dakota, a patient can expect to have a shorter, and simpler, recovery period. This is due in large part to the fact that the surgeon uses a laser when performing the surgery. The laser allows the optometrist to exercise a precision that is not available when a blade is used to make the flap on the cornea. This smooth edged cut is less likely to cause the patient pain both during the surgery and during the recovery period. Issues with the swelling of the corneal flap are also greatly reduced by using a laser during this procedure.

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