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Wyoming Bladeless LASIK Surgery

For those patients who have been thinking about getting LASIK in Wyoming, a new innovation has arrived. Bladeless LASIK combines all the great attributes of a traditional LASIK surgery with the precision of a laser. Forgoing the blade for a laser gives surgeons a much cleaner corneal flap with which to work. The laser also allows the optometrist a degree of precision that is not possible with a blade when it comes to performing the vision corrections necessary for the patient. Even patients with thin corneas are able to have the LASIK procedure when a laser is used.

The doctor-patient consultation is an important step in the bladeless LASIK procedure. During this consultation, a thorough explanation of the procedure is offered to the patient. The advantages of using a laser rather than a blade during the procedure are highlighted. The Wyoming surgeon will also inform the patient of the possible side effects and how long they can expect the recovery period to last. Follow-up care is discussed as well and patients are given the opportunity to ask any questions and express any concerns they might have about this short surgery.

When quoted a price for a bladeless LASIK surgery in Wyoming, such as Interlase, it is usually a figure that is charged per eye. The average cost for this procedure is between $1700 and $2950 for each eye. The actual cost for the patient will vary due to a number of different factors, such as the region of the state in which the surgeon is located and the type of practice. In most cases, the costs of the procedure includes any consultations scheduled prior to surgery, the prep work need prior to surgery, the surgery itself and follow-up visits, if needed.

When the optometrist uses a laser when performing LASIK surgery in Wyoming, patients will likely have a smoother recovery as well as a shorter one. Most of the time, patients don't feel any pain during the bladeless LASIK procedure. In fact, many patients report feeling only a slight pressure during the procedure. Pain after the surgery is usually minimal, too. This is likely due to the fact that using a laser allows for a smooth cut which reduces the amount of swelling associated with the corneal flap. In fact, the likelihood of a patient having issues with their corneal flap is greatly reduced when the optometrist uses a laser to perform the surgery.

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