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Are you considering cataract surgery in Delaware? Cataracts are extremely common among Americans aged fifty or older. In fact, many people may actually develop cataracts more than once and require surgery. For this reason, cataract removal is one of the most usual vision correction surgeries in Delaware and throughout the United States. In fact, cataract surgery can even be covered under Medicare and some state Medicaid programs. Since standards on state-level programs change from year to year, it is a good idea for Medicaid holders to contact their local Medicaid office directly to learn more about their potential coverage options.

Cataracts are associated with age and take the form of a clouding across the lens of the eye or the lens capsule. The eye's lens is a transparent structure necessary for the correct refraction of light into the cornea -- it is a major part of healthy vision. The clouding caused by cataracts may be so mild that an ophthalmologist may recommend not tampering with it at all. However, cataracts can also become quite severe and block the light traveling through the lens of the eye, causing partial blindness. This can usually be reversed by removing the cataract from the eye.

Although cataract surgery is common in Delaware and elsewhere, that does not mean it is inexpensive. The average cost for such surgeries in Delaware may be slightly lower, but it still represents a formidable investment in your health. According to 2010 statistics, it would cost $3,279 per eye to pay for every aspect of your cataract surgery out of pocket. That may be slightly less in the Wilmington area. Of course, the final cost will depend upon your needs. $3,279 represents the minimal cataract removal procedure. To strengthen your vision and help prevent formation of future cataracts, a presbyopia-correcting interocular lens may be used. This costs about $4,461 per eye.

In Delaware, you can expect all of the above costs to be 5% to 10% lower, as these are national averages. However, this still makes cataract surgery in Delaware rather expensive. If you have Medicaid or Medicare, these may be the best bet for your surgery. Medicare covers up to 80% of your cataract surgery and may be able to cover subsequent surgeries if cataracts recur. Medicare also covers the cost of regular prescription glasses that you may need following your surgery. The cost of cataract surgery in Delaware is also lower when using other forms of insurance or a payment plan.

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