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What is the cost of cataract surgery, Maine residents want to know. The cost of this procedure can vary widely from medical facility to medical facility. According to one cost comparison site, the average cost of this procedure in the Bangor, ME area is about $4,700. They surveyed six facilities around the city and in neighboring areas to find this average. The lowest cost was $3500 with the highest being $10,100. This wide range of cost shows why it is very important to look around to compare the costs and find the option that fits your budget. Now, for those who have health insurance, this is not a big deal. However, for those without insurance, finding the best price is just the sane thing to do.

Why is there such a difference in the cost of cataract surgery, Maine residents demand to know. The cost of this surgery is not a simple fee. It involves the surgeon's fee as well as the facilities' fee. The surgeon fee is what the doctor charges for performing the surgery. The facility fee generally covers everything else. That may include the use of the surgical suite, the medications, the bandaging, the services of an anesthetist, and other items not covered by the surgeon's fee. In some cases, you will find these fees combined. That is generally the case when an ophthalmologist performs these procedures in their own facility.

Besides knowing the cost of cataract surgery, Maine residents want to know what the procedure encompasses. Cataracts are cloudy spots which develop on the lens of the eye due to age, illness, or injury. These cloudy spots cause vision to blur in the early stages. As they grow larger, they will begin to block the vision. They can cause blindness if not treated. The cataract surgical procedure involves breaking up the cloudy lens using a high-frequency ultrasound probe. The surgeon removes the fragments through tiny incisions made around the edge of the lens area. Once clear, the surgeon inserts a clear interocular lens behind the iris and pupil. The surgeon then closes the incisions.

What factors of surgery can increase the cost of cataract surgery, Maine residents need to understand. The latest procedures for cataract surgery involve the use of lasers. The introduction of these high priced machines has increased the cost of the procedure in offices that use it exclusively. Patients need to talk to their doctors about what types of procedures are available and what might increase the cost factors, especially when they are the ones paying the majority of the bill.

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