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If you live in New Mexico and you develop cataracts, or a cloudy, opaqueness in your eye's lens, then you will need to have cataract surgery. Cataracts are not really life-threatening, but once it advances to the severe stage, it can cause blindness in the eye that it affects. For this reason, it is always a necessity to get cataract surgery. While your surgeon may be able to wait to perform the surgery, you will need to have it done at some point so that you can prevent blindness from occurring. So remember that should you need cataract surgery and want to wait to get it performed.

When your surgeon performs cataract surgery, all they do is remove that natural lens that has become clouded and replace it with a new lens. It is a fairly simple procedure and is performed by the thousands in New Mexico each year. After a patient has received their new eye lens, they usually can get rid of their vision correcting glasses since the new lens usually corrects other vision defects. Of course, if you only have the surgery on one eye, you will still need to wear contacts in the other eye or have special glasses made with only one prescription lens.

As with other types of surgical procedures, getting cataract surgery can be quite costly. Oftentimes, insurance plans will cover portions of the surgical procedure, but it will not likely cover the whole thing. To get cataract surgery in New Mexico, you are looking at paying anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 per eye and depending on the type of lens you get implanted. This is bad enough on the wallet if you just need one eye worked on, but if you need both of them done, then that is quite costly even for those with insurance plans to cover part of it.

For those in New Mexico who do not have insurance to cover their cataract surgery or the insurance does not cover a significant portion of the bill, you are left with having to pay thousands to have the procedure done. Sometimes the patient can wait until they are financially able to pay for the cataract surgery, but other times they just can't wait because the cataracts are impacting their vision. For those people, there are special health credit programs they can apply to in order to help them cover the cost of the surgery. This will help the patient get their cataract surgery sooner rather than later.

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