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Having cataracts is a common reason for eye surgery. It happens mostly in older people, but you have to be on the lookout for it even at the age of 40. When you have cataracts, the crystalline lens that is on your eye that helps you see becomes clouded over. When you are in the first stages of cataracts, it is merely a nuisance, but it can quickly progress so that you can't see out of that eye. The only way you can fix cataracts is to have cataract surgery and have your natural eye lens replaced with another one. You can get different types of intraocular lenses, but the basic one that insurance will pay for is the monofocal IOL, which will allow you to see well long-distance without glasses, but you are more likely to still need reading glasses.

Getting cataract surgery in Vermont can be pricy if you do not have insurance. The average cost to fix cataracts is around $3,300 per eye. Of course, this will differ if you get a better type of lens to replace your natural one. Just keep in mind that most insurance companies will only pay for the monofocal IOL so, if you do pick another type of replacement lens, you will have to pay for it yourself. It is best to find out ahead of time if your insurance will only pay for the monofocal IOL so you can figure out which is the best option for you vision and wallet-wise.

For those in Vermont who do not have insurance, there is a way to make sure you get the cataract surgery you need. There are several options you can consider. If you have a good enough income and your cataracts are only in the very early stages, you could save up money for a couple of months to pay for your surgery. You can also go to a bank and apply for a personal loan. If neither of those options is good for you, then you can see about special healthcare-related financing credit accounts like Care Credit. It may not pay for the whole cataract surgery, but any little bit can help.

The important thing is that you do not allow your cataracts get to the stage where you lose sight in the eye. There is always a way that you can pay for your cataract surgery if you really need it. You may have to go into a little debt, but at least you'll be able to see.

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