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Eyelid surgery in Alabama is performed for a number of reasons ranging from purely cosmetic reasons to the correction of genuine medical conditions. Anyone considering eyelid surgery in Alabama should consult with a qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon in order to get all of their questions answered including the exact procedure that will be used, the cost of the procedure, and how long an individual will spend recovering before they are back to normal. It is also good idea for an individual to discuss any potential risks with their physician before undergoing any type of surgery.

Many individuals who have eyelid surgery in Alabama do so because they are interested in removing the extra fat which causes droopiness around the eyes. Loose skin around the eyes may also obstruct an individual's vision, making it necessary to undergo eyelid surgery in order to improve vision and safety while operating machinery or driving a vehicle. Eyelid surgery can also be used to reduce the puffy appearance that an individual may have around their eyes, reduce dark circles, and perk up the eyelids, but this type of surgery will not remove wrinkles or fix droopy eyebrows. An individual interested in having those areas addressed will need to consider other surgical options.

Before an individual undergoes eyelid surgery in Alabama, they will get prepared by their physician. The surgeon will discuss any medications that individuals currently taking and advised the patient to find someone to drive them home from surgery. General anesthesia is used and incisions are made in the eyelid, generally below the lash line, so that the surgeon can remove excess tissue and fat before using sutures or surgical tape to close the incision. If an individual undergoes surgery and there are no complications, they will usually be allowed to leave as soon as they are awake.

It is important for person to closely follow all of the at home care instructions provided by the surgeon once they have undergone eyelid surgery in Alabama. There are some risks involved with this type of surgery, as with any surgery, including infection, bleeding, blurriness, numbness, impaired vision, and issues associated with the anesthesia. This type of surgery can also be quite costly, especially if it is not covered by an individual's medical insurance, making it very important for people to closely consider the risks and benefits before spending a substantial sum of money on eyelid surgery in Alabama.

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