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Many people have eyelid surgery due to droopy eye lids. This is a common form of reconstructive surgery that people have done to their eyelids. Eye lid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is normally performed by a facial plastic surgeon that is trained in the area of the face, head and neck. General cosmetic surgeons can also perform this surgery. This procedure is done to get rid of baggy or puffy eyes, or excess skin on their lower or upper lids. The surgeon removes the muscle and fat under the eyelid along with the excess skin. This tightens the eyes and provides a much more youthful looks to the entire face. Most insurance plans do not cover this, because it is an elective surgery.

Surgeons usually perform eyelid surgery in Arizona on an outpatient basis in a surgery center. Sometimes it is performed in a hospital if this is done with other procedures. The eyelid surgery normally takes about two hours from start to finish. Patients are given a local anesthesia to numb the eye area. They are also given an intravenous sedative, also known as twilight. This promotes a relaxing feeling during the surgery. Patients are rarely given general anesthesia, but sometimes they are if multiple operations are being performed. The excess skin is removed during the procedure, and then the eye lids are sealed back up again.

The Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale performs this surgery along with other cosmetic surgeries. The blepharoplasty takes approximately two hours to complete. Patients are typically held for about one to two hours after surgery in a recovery room to make sure there are no complications. The patient may have lubrication on their eyes when they wake up, which can startle them at first. This is to keep the eye area from becoming dry.

After the eye lid surgery, the eye area will be puffy and sore. The surgeon usually advises to put ice on the area to keep the inflammation down. They typically advise to take pain relievers that are not NSAID because it can increase bleeding. A person should not engage in any activities for about a week, but should be able to return to normal activity at this time. The eye area will be bruised for about two weeks, but should clear up after that. Follow up appointments are usually scheduled with the doctor to gauge the healing process. This usually takes place about a week after the surgery.

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