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Most of people are familiar with the effects of aging. Women, especially, can notice the signs of age around her eyes before almost anywhere else. Eyes begin to look fatigued, old, and sometimes even make you look angry. This happens when, as you grow older, the muscles surrounding the eye weaken, the skin around the eyelids stretch, and fat accumulates. This is commonly referred to as having baggy eyes or having eye bags. Severe enough eye bags may even have an effect on vision. The procedure to correct eye bags, or puffiness, is called eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty.

Eyelid surgeries are surgical procedures done to get rid of unwanted fat accumulation and excess muscle and skin from the eyelids. It can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids. It is also possible to have both your upper and eyelids done at the same time. While drooping eyelids can affect vision, more often than not, eyelid surgery is done when an individual wants to achieve a more alert or refreshed look, or when excess skin has prematurely aged the look of their face. However, while this surgery can give you the younger appearance you may want, it is still a surgical procedure and there is information you should have before going through with it.

There are many types of eyelid surgery available. Upper eyelid surgery is performed to improve two of the most problematic areas of the eye, the excess skin that is commonly called "hooding of the upper eyelid" and the puffiness in the middle and inner corner of the upper eyelid caused by herniation of fat. Because these do eyelid problems can actually impair vision, upper eyelid surgery not only will improve the look of your eye but serve to prevent vision problems, as well. The difference you will notice in pre- and post- surgical photos can be shocking, with some persons looking as if they have aged backwards by several years.

Lower eyelid surgery is done to get rid of puffiness (eye bags) beneath the lower eyelid, caused by a buildup of fat and skin excess. After this surgery type, patients will be pleasantly shocked by how much more refreshed and alert they appear. Eyelid surgeries in Connecticut are fairly common and you can find out all the information you need to know about the type of surgery you would need, recovery time, and cost by calling local clinics in your area that do this type of procedure and schedule consultations. Choose the surgeon who most fits your needs and enjoy the results of the new you.

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