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Eyelid surgery, also referred to as blepharoplasty, is used to correct and improve the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery can restore a youthful look to patients by providing them with a look that is more alert and rested than before. It is common for the eyelids to droop over time, which can affect physical appearance as well as vision. Do your research online to find out what offices, clinics, or hospitals offer eyelid surgery in Hawaii. Talk to your doctor so that he or she may recommend a good surgeon for you to talk to.

Eyelid surgery typically involves the removal of fatty deposits from the eyelid. The surgery corrects loose, sagging, or folded looking skin that affects the natural contours of your upper and lower lids. Blepharoplasty can improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a new and improved you. Make sure you have realistic improvements in mind. Individuals who suffer from significant sagging or wrinkles may retain some of the wrinkles and sags they originally had. Blepharoplasty is more for minor to mild corrective purposes. Additionally, you should only consider this surgery for yourself and not to satisfy your partner or your vanity.

Before you undergo eyelid surgery in Hawaii, make sure you meet certain criteria to ensure you are a good candidate. A good candidate is typically a non-smoker, someone who is in relatively good health. Good candidates usually understand the difference between realistic goals and goals that are set out of vain desires. If you suffer any serious eye conditions, you may want to talk to your surgeon before undergoing blepharoplasty. Let your surgeon know if you currently suffer from high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, Graves' disease, glaucoma, detached retina, or any other physical ailments which may affect your candidacy.

Before you undergo eyelid surgery in Hawaii, you will most likely reserve a consultation. The consultation will allow the surgeon to assess your eyes and determine the best outcome for your surgery. The surgeon may ask you what your goals are or what look you are aiming to receive. Let the surgeon know if you have any allergies to any medications or anesthetics prior to the surgery. Additionally, let the surgeon know if you have ever had trouble wearing contacts. Keep in mind that there may be some risks associated with eyelid surgery so discuss these risks with your doctor.

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