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If you have sagging or droopy eyelids and they are affecting your self-esteem or field of vision, then you may wish to consider having an eyelid surgery. It's best to learn all about eyelid surgery in Kentucky before making this decision, because there are pros and cons to having this procedure done. Also known as a blepharoplasty, an eyelid surgery involves the removing of excess skin around your eyes and the corresponding tightening of this loose skin. This procedure may be completed as a way of boosting your appearance, for cosmetic reasons, or as a medical procedure to help improve vision if the drooping eyelids are standing in your field of vision.

There are varying degrees of complexity in a blepharoplasty. For example, in some cases you will only need to have the skin removed, while other patients will need the skin, muscle, and fat all worked on. Some patients will only have their upper eyelids worked on, while others will have both the upper and lower eyelids. There are many different types of clinics that will perform an eyelid surgery in Kentucky. You could choose a clinic that specializes in cosmetic procedures, or you could go to a medical facility. In a cosmetic office, you will see a greater emphasis on the surgery being used to restore a youthful appearance.

Over time, eyelids can start to become droopy or baggy due to gravity and nature taking their course. This can also bring the eyebrows down as the skin starts to sag, weighing down the entire face. Fat pockets may become more prominent as a result, leading to a more tired appearance in the face. With a cosmetic blepharoplasty, the entire face can appear rejuvenated as a result. This overall sagging of the face is medically uncomfortable as well, causing forehead discomfort when the loose skin pushes eyelids down. Whatever your reasons for wanting eyelid surgery in Kentucky may be, it's best to consult with your doctor to learn more.

Those who have dry eye problems or diabetes may not be suitable candidates for this procedure. If you have learned all about eyelid surgery in Kentucky and have determined that you are in fact a good candidate, you can choose to have the surgery under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will make incisions in the folds of the eyelid, to prevent visible scarring. Prices may vary for eyelid surgery, but in Kentucky the cost will fall between $2000 and $5000 in most cases.

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