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Eyelid surgery is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure to help make the eyes appear younger. The correct term for this procedure is blepharoplasty. It works to reduce bagginess under the eyes and raise droopy upper lids. The surgeon removes excess skin and muscle around the eye and in the underlying fatty tissue. For many people this is purely a cosmetic procedure. However, some older people have difficulty seeing due to their lids drooping down in their line of sight. For them, this is a practical operation that can have a real impact to quality of life. It can make the patient look years younger. This is just the beginning of learning all about eyelid surgery in Maine.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery can be done by a plastic surgeon. However, some eye specialists can also do this procedure with additional training. The choice of your doctor can make a difference in the price you pay at the end. Make sure the doctor has the specialized training in doing blepharoplasty. Some doctors will observe this procedure then claim they have the training to do it properly. However, that is not what you want. Look at their credentials and make sure they have training and certification they are ready to perform this surgery. It does not matter what type of surgery you have. If you have it done by someone who does not have the proper training, it can cost you a great deal in the end.

This medical procedure is one that for most is optional. It can be made part of a larger cosmetic surgery change that you are having done with your entire face. If you think your eyes are too small, a simple lifting of a droopy eyelid can make your eyes appear lighter and brighter. Many people choose this procedure as part of a complete makeover. A good surgeon can give you a completely new look. In order to lift the eyelids, the surgeon will mark the skin before the surgery to give him guidelines on where to cut and how much skin and fat to remove. During the surgery, the doctor will remove the excess and suture the opening closed.

To handle bagging skin under the eyes, the doctor may make a tiny incision along the bottom of the eyelid and remove excess skin and fat from this area. It is a relative small procedure that can have dramatic results. That is what most people want when it comes to eyelid surgery. This procedure is still a major operation that involves anesthetic. You will have pain and soreness while the wounds heal. But, most people who have gone through the surgery are happy with their results and say they would go through it again if they knew what they would go through. In the Bangor area of Maine, this surgery generally costs about $5000 with the surgeon's fee, facility, and anesthesia added together.

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