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Many people experience a drooping or sagging of their eyelids as a part of the aging process. This can cause a person to feel less attractive and older looking. It can also cause vision to be disturbed if the eye lid droops too far down covering part of the eye. A common surgery that can repair this droopy or baggy eyelid is eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty. This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon. It is a fairly common procedure that can be completed in about two hours. This surgery can be done on upper or lower eyes, as well as both during the same surgery.

The skin can lose elasticity over the course of a personís life. Many people who choose to have this surgery performed have seen great results. Eyelid surgery can be performed in Mississippi at either a plastic surgery center or a hospital by a board certified plastic surgeon. Before surgery the patient is given a local anesthetic around the eye location to numb this area. In some cases the patient is also sedated using intravenous drugs. The doctor will cut the eyelids and remove the tissue fat and excess skin from the area on both upper and lower eyelids. The area of the skin is closed.

Once the skin is healed the look will appear much more tightened than before. The doctor will have the area stitched up to keep the operated area closed. The stitches remain in the eye until the doctor appoint when the surgeon will remove them. Some surgeons use dissolvable stitches so there is no removal necessary. This makes the recovery easier, because the eyelid area is very sensitive. It can be helpful to place ice packs on the eye to prevent and reduce inflammation. This will in turn reduce the amount of pain that is felt.

After surgery, the doctor will put lubricating material on the eye to avoid the eye from drying out. There will be some level of swelling, but this should reduce in a day or two. The eye area will be bruised, and it will appear that the patient has a black eye. This will last for two weeks at the most. If there is a great deal of discomfort after a week, it is important for the patient to let their doctor know. Eyelids surgeries are commonly performed in Mississippi, and can provide a fresh new and younger look for people.

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Hattiesburg, MS 39402
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391 Southcrest Circle, Suite 104
Southaven, MS 38671
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