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Learning all about eyelid surgery in Nevada is going to help you make the best decisions about your cosmetic surgery needs. Blepharoplasty, as this is known, is designed to help alleviate a variety of eye issues, including tired, puffy and wrinkly eye issues. Thanks to technology, this procedure can easily remove skin, fat, and muscle and tighten the lower and upper eyelid area to give you a more youthful, healthy skin appearance. There are many providers who offer this procedure and it's going to be up to you to do your research so that you can find the surgery and doctor that suits you.

When you are reading all about eyelid surgery in Nevada, you will learn that many of the procedures available today are done by CO2 laser, which means that there is less scarring and recovery time required than with traditional incisions. Generally, local anesthesia and a small amount of oral sedation are all that are needed for patients during this procedure. It's fairly painless and has a really positive effect on the eyes with long-lasting results. The technology used improves your outcome and gives you an easier procedure with better recovery time, as well.

Any surgery involving incisions leaves a scar, but with the CO2 laser, it's much less visible and heals a lot faster. For the upper eyelid, the incision is made in the crease so that it is mostly hidden while your eyes are open. The lower eyelid surgery is done through the inside of the eyelid so that none of the scarring is visible. This sounds painful, but rest assured that it's just as quick and easy as the top procedure. Patients will typically have swelling or light bruising for about a week, but it isn't usually very severe.

Patients aren't allowed to lift heavy objects for two weeks, so you might need to request some time off work for this procedure. All in all, eyelid surgery is a fairly simple, affordable procedure. The average cost of this surgery is around $5000, but could be more or less depending on how much work you have done or which doctor you use. By taking the time to learn all about eyelid surgery in Nevada, it should be easy for you to get a better idea of what you are getting for your money and whether or not this is the right procedure for your cosmetic or aesthetic needs.

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