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Eyelid surgery is usually considered to be an elective plastic surgery procedure. In some cases, upper eyelid surgery may be considered medically necessary. If your vision is obstructed by a drooping eyelid, your insurance may cover a portion of the surgical procedure. Lower eyelid surgery is never covered by insurance and is always considered to be elective. If you have dropping eyelids, or heavy bags beneath your eyes, you may want to learn all about eyelid surgery in Rhode Island and what this simple procedure can do to improve your looks. Many patients find their appearance drastically improved by eyelid surgery.

When you have eyelid surgery, the plastic surgeon will make small incisions in the skin around the eye. This gives the surgeon access to the muscles and fat deposits around the eye. The surgeon will remove fat, muscles, and even skin around the eyelid area. You can have upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or both. Some surgeons will reposition some of the fat to reduce the appearance of hollow eyes, which can occur when too much fat is removed. The end results are a reduction in the appearance of bags beneath the eyes, and taunt eyelids that no longer droop over the tops of the eyes.

Eyelid surgery makes patients look much younger in one simple procedure. This type of cosmetic surgery is performed with a simple outpatient procedure. A gel will be placed over the eyes while the procedure is done and local anesthetic is used so the patient can't feel anything. You will not be able to drive home after having eyelid surgery, so you should choose a surgeon that's located close to home so you will have someone available to drive you. It's usually considered a good idea to interview several plastic surgeons before choosing one. Since this is usually an elective procedure, you won't be limited by insurance providers.

When you're choosing a doctor for plastic surgery, sit down for a consultation first. Talk to the doctor about your needs and compare your ideal results with the results that the surgeon offers to provide. Most will offer images of what your final results should look like. With eyelid surgery, you should find that the eyes look more open, brighter, and much younger.

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