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Glaucoma is a common eye disorder that affects the optic nerve. This problem is progressive in nature, meaning that it can get worse over time. The optic nerve suffers damage, which makes vision blurry and seeing objects and words increasingly difficult.

In many nations around the world, glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness because it often sneaks up on the patient and by the time it is diagnosed, it is too late to get treatment. It often affects elderly people and those with diabetes, and is more common in African-Americans than among any other race in the United States.

Fortunately, new breakthroughs in laser surgery have been developed to help stop the glaucoma from progressing. New methods have been developed that can also help the patient restore his or her sight to a normal level.

While glaucoma surgery involving lasers is a common way to help treat it, it should be duly noted that it does not completely cure it. In fact, laser surgery for glaucoma patients should be viewed as a temporary treatment instead of a complete cure.

The benefits, however, outweigh any cons and most people find that they can see much better after surgery and this lasts for many years. The process is simple and is usually performed on an outpatient basis, so the patient can go home the same day (with someone else driving them home).

In preparation for glaucoma surgery, the doctor may ask the patient to temporarily stop taking certain medications and refrain from eating or drinking at least a full 24 hours before the surgery is scheduled. A local anesthetic is administered, and no pain is felt during surgery. The laser surgery takes only a few minutes per eye, and there are little to no side effects.

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