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Glaucoma is a disease that affects a large number of individuals and eventually will result in blindness if an individual does not receive treatment for the condition. Glaucoma occurs when the canals that drain clear fluid from the eyes become blocked, causing fluid to build up within the eyes gradually reducing an individual's vision. A person will likely suffer from one of two different types of glaucoma, each with their own treatment. Understanding the types of glaucoma surgery and the costs in Alabama will help an individual make a better decision regarding whether or not to undergo corrective surgery.

if you The most common type of glaucoma is known as primary glaucoma and occurs when the drainage canals within the eye are clogged further inside, away from the openings. This type of glaucoma causes vision loss that is so gradual that an individual may not even notice it for years. Narrow angle glaucoma, on the other hand, often causes a number of symptoms ranging from headache to I pain, blurred vision to nausea. Both types of glaucoma may be treated using certain types of medications, but in many cases it is necessary for an individual to undergo surgery in order to completely correct the problem.

The cost of glaucoma surgery in Alabama will vary depending on the type of surgery that an individual undergoes. One of the most common, and recent, types of surgery is laser surgery. Laser surgery is often the preferred method since it is generally done on an outpatient basis and requires only numbing of the eyes rather than full sedation of the individual. This type of surgery will be done in the clinic or office of an ophthalmologist and an individual will be able to go about their daily life as soon as the next day. Irritation or sensitivity may last several days or up to a few weeks, but is generally mild.

Individuals who undergo this type of glaucoma surgery in Alabama generally choose it that it is more affordable than older, more traditional types of glaucoma surgery. It should be noted that an individual will not be able to regain vision that they have already lost if they undergo glaucoma surgery, but surgery can prevent further loss an individual suffering from either type of glaucoma. The severity of the condition, the type of surgery, the facility in which the surgery is performed, the insurance that an individual has, and the physician performing the surgery will all affect the cost of glaucoma surgery in Alabama.

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