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Glaucoma is a type of optical nerve damage which affects the eyesight. Early glaucoma isn't always noticeable, but this condition can result in permanent loss of sight if left untreated. It's important to get regular eye exams from your ophthalmologist in Alaska to detect glaucoma symptoms as early as possible. Glaucoma can be detected with a variety of tests including: * Optical coherence tomography * Computerized visual field assessment * Retinal photography * A scan of central corneal thickness Glaucoma typically affects patients over the age of 40. Even if you've had good eyesight your whole life, regular ophthalmologist visits become important in middle age and beyond.

There are several different types of surgery for glaucoma. The types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Alaska are closely related. Some procedures will be more expensive than others. Sclerostomy, also known as filtering, is a type of surgery in which a channel is created for drainage in the eye. Laser trabeculoplasty surgery uses a laser to burn away blockages. Iridotomy is a procedure similar to laser trabeculoplasty. With this procedure, a series of small holes are made in the iris. These surgeries are all designed to relieve pressure in the eye which can be quite painful. Unfortunately, they do not act as a cure for glaucoma.

Laser treatments are typically the first choice for glaucoma surgery. These methods tend to have a lower associated cost and faster recovery time. Incisional glaucoma surgery will be performed if the laser surgery is not sufficient to relieve the pressure and pain. Determining the specifics of the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Alaska that you will be dealing with is very individualized. You should plan to talk to your doctor about your specific needs and the procedures that are to be performed. With each surgery, there are separate costs for the physician's services, the facility's services, and the anesthesia.

In Anchorage, Alaska, the average cost for glaucoma surgery is $1,418 when performed in an ambulatory surgery center and $6,330 when performed in a hospital according to Healthcare Blue Book. Hospital costs are slightly lower in Fairbanks. Costs are notably lower in Juneau, Alaska where the average for glaucoma surgery is $1,371 in an ambulatory surgery center and $5,464 in a hospital. When you're considering the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Alaska, remember to check with your insurance agency to find out what's covered. You may be required to work with a certain provider or go to a particular hospital for coverage.

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