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There are a number of different types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Arkansas. Many patients develop glaucoma as a result of elevated pressure within the eye. However, other patients have pressure within normal ranges and still develop glaucoma. If the cause of glaucoma is due to elevated pressure, it is often caused in the canal that drains fluid from the eye area. Most commonly this happens during the normal aging process. At least 75 percent of all glaucoma cases are caused by primary open angle glaucoma. However there are as many as 70 different varieties of the disease.

Some types of glaucoma are known as angle closure glaucoma. When a patient is diagnosed with this type of glaucoma, usually a doctor will recommend laser treatments to reverse the problem. Depending on the type of glaucoma that is diagnosed, different treatments may be prescribed and may include laser treatments, surgery, and eye drops. When surgery is recommended to reverse glaucoma, it depends on whether the procedure is done on an outpatient basis, or if the patient must stay overnight in a hospital. Another factor is how long the actual surgical procedure takes.

The costs of treatment to reverse glaucoma include all the services provided by the doctor, the surgical treatment with a laser, and the costs associated with the anesthesia required for the surgery. Another factor to consider is whether the surgery is done in the hospital or in the doctorís office. When the surgery is done on an outpatient basis, the costs for the doctor can usually run close to $600. The cost for the laser surgery done on outpatients can be over $200. Anesthesia for an outpatient surgery runs about $600.

The difference in the cost goes up considerably for glaucoma surgery when the patient is hospitalized. The costs for doctorís services can still be at approximately $600, and the costs for the anesthesia are still about the same price. However, the cost for a 2 day stay in the hospital will generally run over $4,330. Most private health plans cover the costs associated with glaucoma surgery. However, any patient who is considering glaucoma surgery should make sure they are aware of what the health insurance will cover. For people who arenít insured, many plans are available that allow patients to pay for the costs of their surgery over a period of time if arrangements are made in advance.

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