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It can be confusing to compare the many different types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Delaware. Glaucoma is a fairly common degenerative nerve disorder that afflicts the inner eye's optic nerve. During the course of glaucoma, the optic nerve begins to deteriorate according to a specific pattern that can be detected by examining the inner eye during dilation. If caught soon enough, glaucoma can be treated and the damage can be minimized. In the event that it is not treated sufficiently or fast enough, the result can be permanent vision damage or even blindness. Naturally, it is a serious condition.

Delaware has many eye surgery centers that offer a complete range of glaucoma interventions. You will find most of them in the Wilmington area, although there may be others in comparable large cities. Only a doctor can help you decide which kind of surgery is most appropriate, but here is some basic information. Laser trabeculoplasty is used in the case of "open angle" glaucoma to increase the outflow of inner eye fluid by carefully burning the trabecular meshwork at the base of the cornea. This effectively reduces the fluid pressure on the eye that exacerbates nerve damage, but it can be expensive due to the laser technology involved.

An alternative is iridotomy, which involves puncturing the iris while avoiding removal of iris tissue. This can be performed with common surgical implements -- which is less expensive -- or with a laser. The third option is the iridectomy, which requires the complete removal of some iris tissue to restore balance to the inner eye. Although this can also be done without a laser, it is one of the most radical procedures available and therefore is not especially inexpensive. It is also not typically the first choice of Delaware doctors, who prefer to treat glaucoma without removing iris tissue whenever possible.

Although these are the most common glaucoma procedures, filtering procedures are also possible. In filtering procedures, a drainage channel is used to reduce inner eye pressure after making a surgical entry into the eye. Your costs for glaucoma surgery in Delaware will depend on the type of surgery you choose. If handled in a private surgery center, the total cost can range from $1,300 to as much as $2,500, which includes the price for both eyes. Laser surgery in a hospital can be significantly more expensive, ranging from $5,000 and up. Generally speaking, non-laser and non-invasive options will be more affordable than sophisticated laser treatment.

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