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Glaucoma surgery is used in patients who suffer from glaucoma. There are different types of glaucoma surgery in Hawaii to choose from. Your ophthalmologist will recommend a procedure that is best for you based on the severity of your condition. The purpose of the procedure is to reduce the pressure on the eye, particularly in cases where medication is not enough. Keep in mind that the surgery is not meant to restore any vision loss that occurs because of glaucoma, but it does relieve discomfort associated with the condition. Talk to your doctor about glaucoma surgery types that best suit you.

Glaucoma affects the major nerve in the eye that provides you with your vision. This nerve is known as the optic nerve. Individuals who suffer from glaucoma experience progressive optic nerve damage, which leads to the eventual loss of vision, starting with the loss of a person's peripheral vision. If left untreated, glaucoma can eventually lead to complete loss of vision or blindness. Glaucoma surgeries will not correct any vision loss already experienced but it can slow the effect of the disease. The surgery is used to regulate the blood that flows through the optic nerve thus slowing the rate of damage.

Approximately 6 million individuals suffer blindness because of glaucoma. Over 3 million people in the United States alone suffer from glaucoma. Ask your doctor about the types of glaucoma surgery in Hawaii so you know what to expect before you undergo the procedure. Laser surgery is one type of surgery available. This surgery is recommended for individuals who do not suffer from a high amount of pressure or a badly damaged optic nerve. Laser surgery creates a tiny burn in the drainage system of the eye to help release built up fluid, which in turn relieves pressure.

Conventional surgery, otherwise known as filtering microsurgery, involves the opening of a drainage hole using a surgical tool. The opening allows intraocular fluid to flow from the canals freely, which will also relieve pressure. Most doctors opt to try laser surgery before they use conventional surgery. If no relief is found with laser surgery, you may need conventional surgery. Additionally, the doctor will determine how badly the optic nerve is damaged. You may have to undergo glaucoma surgery several times before you find relief. Discuss any questions or concerns you have with the surgeon prior to the glaucoma surgery procedure.

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