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Glaucoma is a that involves a building of pressure within the eye. As that pressure builds up, the vision is diminished. Left untreated it can lead to permanent blindness, which is why having glaucoma surgery performed is important. It's important to have the procedure done as soon as possible since having surgery done will stop the vision loss but won't correct any damage done to vision thus far. With that in mind, understanding the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Idaho is important. You'll have a few options, and deciding on the right one quickly is a good idea.

There are two main types of glaucoma surgery in Idaho. They are laser based surgeries and traditional incision based surgeries. Additional subtypes do exist, but the main thing to understand is that according to the main indicators that influence which type you'll have are the type and the root cause of glaucoma. The overall cost will vary based upon the different type of surgery that one has performed as well. Today, most surgeries are done using a laser so it's a good idea to take a closer look first at these types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Idaho.

Most of the glaucoma surgeries in Idaho performed with a laser are outpatient in nature and take around an hour to perform. In some cases patients may need to stay overnight, but it's rare. Overall costs are around five to six hundred dollars per eye according to the Health Care Blue Book. More intensive procedures can increase the cost significantly. Traditional scalpel based procedures may need to be performed instead, and in these cases the procedures are usually more intensive and will cost more, often around one to two thousand dollars or more for the overall procedure and consultation.

Sclerostomy is a type of surgery that will create a drainage channel to release the pressure, while the more common laser surgery burns portions of the Trabecular meshwork to alleviate blockages. Additional options may include an iridotomy, which achieves results by creating a series of holes in the iris. This procedure can be done using lasers or traditional surgery. No matter what type of surgery you have, be sure that you discuss all of the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Idaho with your doctor so that you fully understand the pricing and what to expect from the procedure.

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