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The goal of any glaucoma surgery is to reduce pressure within the eye. There are several ways to accomplish this, however, which Iowa residents can choose from. It's helpful to look at these various types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Iowa in order to determine what the best option might be for your ocular health. These procedures will either decrease production of fluid within the eye, or increase the drainage rate of it. Some procedures will perform both of these tasks, thus reducing pressure. It's important to diagnose this problem early to prevent vision loss. The type of surgery that you choose may impact the cost, with new technology now available at a higher cost than more old-fashioned methods.

There is a type of laser glaucoma surgery called selective laser trabeculoplasty, or SLT, which can help lower internal eye pressure. This is usually recommended as a primary treatment. Another option available is called a trabeculectomy, which creates an artificial area of drainage within the eye. This is used when the glaucoma is advanced and optic nerve damage has already occurred. A third type of glaucoma surgery in Iowa involves the use of shunts, which the surgeon will implant in your eye to improve the drainage rates of fluid. Laser surgery is being used more and more frequently, and scientists are now investigating whether or not it could be the first therapy used even before eye drops are administered.

In the case of a trabeculectomy, a surgical incision is made in the drainage system of the eye, so that there are new channels created for ocular fluid to flow out. This may involve partly removing part of the existing drainage system. At the moment, this is the most common procedure performed for glaucoma in Iowa. You can have this type of surgery at any number of public and private eye clinics throughout the state, with many based in Iowa City.

The exact fees of these various types of glaucoma surgeries will vary. In general, Iowa is one of the cheapest states to have eye surgery, with its fees ranked as below average in comparison to other states. The cost per eye for laser surgery can be anywhere from $1500 to $2000 in Iowa, for example. However, you must also consider the additional costs that are associated with glaucoma surgery in order to see the full price tag. These could include the cost of prescription medications, eyeglasses, time spent in recovery, and anesthesia. All of these other fees will contribute to the full cost of glaucoma surgery in Iowa.

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