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There are different types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Massachusetts. This depends on the type of eye surgery your surgeon recommends and the part of the state that you live in. Trabeculectomy surgery provides a new place for fluid in the eye to drain to lower the pressure within the eye. A new place is created under the conjunctiva of the eye. This type of surgery is usually done on patients whose glaucoma deteriorates even though the patient is having regular treatment to reverse the glaucoma. Sometimes the surgery is done before laser treatment or other medications are tried. Medications are often used along with the surgery to increase the rate of success.

Another type of glaucoma surgery that is done by many surgeons in Massachusetts is the glaucoma tube shunt surgery. This is something that the surgeon implants in the eye to create a drainage site for eye fluid. A tube is on one end of the small device from which the fluid can be drained. This type of surgery is usually done on patients that have uncontrolled glaucoma, and may be indicated when other types of surgery have not been successful. It is also recommended by some surgeons when traditional laser treatments have not worked. Patients that have corneal transplants or neovascular glaucoma are generally good candidates for this type of surgery.

Laser Peripheral Iridotomy or LPI, is used when alternative drainage sites must be created in the eye to prevent more serious types of glaucoma from escalating. When this type of surgery is indicated, the surgeon uses a laser to make an incision in the iris, which makes it easier for the fluid to drain and to lower the pressure in the eye. It is designed to help patients with angle closure glaucoma have their pressure lowered and prevent further attacks of angle closure glaucoma. This type of medical procedure is usually done in the doctor's office with local anesthesia. How often you have to see the doctor after the surgery depends on how severe the condition is.

The types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Massachusetts can vary from one doctor to another. It depends on the surgery that the doctor recommends and additional treatment that is given in addition to surgery. Usually in Massachusetts, glaucoma laser surgery can run anywhere from $500 to $2,500 for each eye. Since this type of surgery is done to improve vision and isn't considered to be elective surgery, private health insurance will usually cover the surgery and any additional treatments. You should always check with your insurance provider to make sure that the costs are covered.

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