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Glaucoma is an extremely common, and very serious, eye condition throughout the United States. In Minnesota, more African-Americans and Hispanics suffer from glaucoma than whites or Asians, and glaucoma ranks near the top of causes of blindness for both these ethnic groups. However, it's important to note that any Minnesotan, male or female, from any background can also develop glaucoma. This general term refers to a disease in which the optic nerve becomes damaged and degrades, generally due to inner eye pressure. At first, it is asymptomatic, which is why specialized glaucoma screening procedures are used in Minnesota and some other states.

When glaucoma is not treated promptly, permanent damage to the optic nerve is the almost certain result. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness among the elderly and is much more likely to occur in patients aged sixty or older than those who are younger. Glaucoma is not related to other conditions of the eye such as astigmatism that most people receive corrective lenses for -- it can develop in anyone, even if their eye health has been exemplary to date. For that reason, eye checkups are recommended for the elderly and those from "at risk" groups may receive Medicare coverage for screening.

Types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Minnesota vary. In Minnesota, there is a range of laser and non-laser based glaucoma treatments. The best treatment available has to take into account the specific reasons that glaucoma developed. The nerve damage has to be stopped through a decrease of fluid pressure in the eye, and this pressure can occur for several different reasons. Almost all glaucoma surgeries involve using some kind of instrument to either perforate a small portion of the iris or remove part of the iris tissue. This can result in increased sensitivity to light for patients who undergo the procedure.

Glaucoma costs in Minnesota have a very wide range because of the different tools and amount of physical modification that might be necessary. The cost of surgery can range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 and generally covers both eyes. Although glaucoma can sometimes appear in a single eye without affecting the other, the fact that early glaucoma does not present symptoms means that most Minnesota doctors will recommend extreme caution. Less than 30% of glaucoma patients will see symptoms in only one eye, have that disorder treated, and then never develop glaucoma in the other eye -- ask your eye doctor for more information.

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