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Glaucoma is a progressive condition of the eye. This condition is when fluid builds up behind the eye and puts pressure on the optical nerve. This causes a great deal of pain and can lead to blindness if left untreated. There are two main types of glaucoma. The first type is called open angle glaucoma, and it is the most common type, affecting about 90% of all people with glaucoma. This occurs when the fluid does not drain correctly, and builds up behind the eye. Closed angle glaucoma is a much more rare form of the condition, and occurs when the drainage area for the fluid is too narrow, and becomes blocked.

Open angle glaucoma comes on slowly and symptoms develop gradually over a period of years. Closed angle glaucoma comes on suddenly and severely causing acute pain. This is what leads people to seek treatment right away. This type of glaucoma can lead to rapid blindness if it is not treated in time. There are different types of glaucoma surgery and the cost in Mississippi can vary according to the type of glaucoma type and surgery and that is being performed. There are other treatments for this condition, but this is typically the last resort after the other treatments have failed.

Those who are genetically predisposed to getting glaucoma are those with a family history of the condition. As people age, their risk of getting this condition raises. Glaucoma can also be brought on by other diseases and conditions such as diabetes or certain types of medication taken over years. The symptoms in glaucoma can include vision loss, redness around eyes, and halos around light eyes that look hazy or blurry, pain in the eye from the pressure as well as tunnel vision. If this condition is caught early enough, treatments can be successful.

The glaucoma surgery is a temporary solution, as there is no cure for glaucoma. When a person has glaucoma surgery in Mississippi, their insurance may or may not cover the expense. The cost of this surgery can be far less expensive than the medications over time. During the surgery the doctor will create a tube for the fluid to drain from. This relieves the immediate pressure from the optic nerve. Some call this a micro surgery. Laser surgery can be performed using a laser to make a drain in the meshwork behind the eye. This is where the fluid drains from. Surgeries can improve a personís glaucoma and lower the risk of blindness.

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3111 Shortcut Road
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