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There are different types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Nevada that you have to choose from when it comes to your eyesight. The goal of these procedures is either to help increase draining of the intraocular fluid or to decrease its production. Since this is the primary issue that leads to glaucoma symptoms and problems, resolving it will alleviate the problem. There are rare cases when a surgery will actually do both things, but it's generally one or the other. Surgery helps prevent damage to the optic nerve by reducing or stabilizing the pressure in the eye.

Most of the information that you will find on types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Nevada will involve laser treatment because technology has created better options than traditional surgical procedures. Patients can have a selective laser trabeculoplasty, which is essentially going to create small holes in the filtration area to help increase the drainage in the eye. It's being considered and studied as to whether this procedure should actually be a first line of treatment because it is minimally invasive and so effective.

Another option that people have for glaucoma surgery is a sclerostomy, which also creates a drainage channel for the fluid in the eye to help reduce pressure. There are two different types of this procedure that can be done, and it's going to be up to your doctor to determine which is best. Iridotomy is a surgical procedure that targets the iris of the eye, and is best suited for closed-angle glaucoma patients. The goal is again to reduce pressure and increase drainage. Finally, patients can have a viscocanalostomy, which will help open a canal in the eye through the creation of a sclera flap.

These are the major surgeries that are done today, but there are a handful of other ocular procedures that can be done to help alleviate glaucoma. In order to determine which is best from the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in Nevada that you find, it's helpful to talk to a doctor. The average cost of glaucoma surgery in Nevada is around $1500-2000, but that depends on which procedure you have done and where it is performed. Patients who have surgery in a hospital with an overnight stay will pay closer to $5000 for their treatment. It's important to talk to your doctor and find out which treatment options are best, and most affordable, for you.

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