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Glaucoma is caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye. That rising pressure causes vision loss and if left untreated can also lead to blindness permanently. With that in mind, having glaucoma surgery is absolutely vital for your eyesight and your well-being in general. Today, there are numerous types of glaucoma surgery and costs in New Hampshire have fallen to affordable levels. Also, insurance may cover most of the cost and make it easier for those facing glaucoma to actually have the surgery. There are numerous types of surgery, but they break down into two basic areas laser surgery and traditional, scalpel based surgery.

No matter the type of glaucoma surgery, the overall goal is to reduce the pressure buildup and prevent it from continuing. In most cases this involves creating drainage channels or small holes that will allow fluid to drain. In some cases blockages occur and cause the fluid buildup, in which case a surgery will be done to alleviate the blockage outright. No matter the type of surgery, it's also important to understand that surgery will prevent further vision loss but will not be able to reverse the vision loss that has already occurred. In other words, having the procedure done soon is important.

The cost of glaucoma surgery will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The most obvious is the type of surgery being performed and the resulting recovery time associated with it. Most surgeries will cost around five to six hundred per eye on the low end according to Health Care Blue Book. However, surgeries can often cost well over ten thousand dollars depending on the type of surgery, the provider, and the length of recovery time. Some surgeries require overnight stays while most are outpatient. In other words, no two surgeries are identical and their costs won't be either.

You shouldn't look at glaucoma surgery as an expense you can avoid. Today most surgeons offer payment plans and will accept most insurance as well. Discuss the different specifics of your situation and surgery with your ophthalmologist so that you fully understand the price you'll pay and what your options are for paying it. Left unchecked, this condition will leave you unable to see so it's vital that you move quickly. Today's payment options are designed to allow patients to fit their surgery into their budget and get the help that they need.

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