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Glaucoma is a condition that affects the eyes. The condition affects the optic nerves in the eye as they become damaged. There are two main types of glaucoma that can be found in people. These types are open angle and closed angle. The predominate type of glaucoma found in close to 90% of all glaucoma patients is open angle. This type can gradually cause symptoms to appear over a period of time. Closed angle glaucoma usually comes on suddenly and can be very painful in the symptoms that are presented. Glaucoma is more common in people as they age.

The open angle type of glaucoma the fluid builds up in an area of the eye causing pressure to push against the nerve. There are treatments that can be successful with some patients who suffer from this condition. Conventional surgery is performed on patients that have a congenital form of glaucoma. This form of surgery creates a new opening for the fluid to drain. The solution is temporary, but can help improve a personís vision for a period of time, which slows the progression of the condition. Laser surgery is also used to help alleviate symptoms of glaucoma.

The cost of glaucoma surgery in Oklahoma can vary according to which type of surgery that is performed and the doctor that is performing the surgery. Some doctors have a higher skill level and more education; therefore they generally charge a higher fee for surgeries. The average cost for glaucoma surgery in Oklahoma is $3,000. The price can vary according to the type of procedure performed. Conventional surgery can be a bit less expensive than Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. Some of the more advanced methods of surgery include the ability to use a laser to cut a flap in the mesh of the eye to drain the fluid; this flap is partially closed to let fluid out, but not damage the mesh.

Glaucoma surgeries are performed in Oklahoma on an outpatient basis. Most insurance plans will typically cover the cost of glaucoma surgery if other non-invasive treatment options have been exhausted. A candidate for this type of surgery has tried several medications. They have also tried other treatments with unsuccessful results. This is a gradually progressing condition that can be worsened with age and other conditions such as diabetes. Glaucoma is a common condition in the US, and many people suffer from the condition without knowing they have it.

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