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Glaucoma is a very serious eye condition. It's most common in patients over the age of 35. From this time on, you should see your ophthalmologist for regular screenings every few years. By the age of 65, you should have annual screenings done for this disease. One of the greatest dangers of glaucoma is that many patients don't realize they have it until it has progressed to the point of vision loss. Vision loss from glaucoma is permanent. In the early stages, your brain will compensate for minor loss of vision, but undiagnosed glaucoma can leave you blind over time.

If you've been diagnosed with glaucoma, you probably found that the first treatment option was eye drops. If the eye drops don't work, surgery is a common second choice, though you will still need to use daily eye drops for the rest of your life. To understand the types of glaucoma surgery and costs in South Dakota, it's useful to first understand what glaucoma is. When you have glaucoma, the fluid in the eye doesn't drain properly. The buildup of fluid behind the eye will cause pressure that can be quite painful. This pressure will cause vision loss in time.

Glaucoma surgery creates new channels for the fluid to drain from. The most common type of glaucoma surgery uses a laser to create new channels in and around the eye for fluid to drain. This is usually the first course of action for patients who have this procedure done. If the laser surgery is unsuccessful, your doctor may want to proceed with conventional surgery. With conventional glaucoma surgery, a surgical tool is applied directly to the eye to cut a new channel in it for drainage. Both types of surgery are outpatient procedures that are done with a local anesthetic.

You will not be able to drive home after having glaucoma surgery so it's important to have a friend or family member available who can take you home from the surgery center. This procedure is usually done in an ambulatory surgery center rather than a hospital. The average cost of glaucoma surgery in South Dakota is $1,438 according to Healthcare Blue Book. Your insurance provider should pay for at least some of this procedure. Check with your insurance provider to find out which surgeons and eye care centers are covered in your area. Some insurance companies only cover in-network providers.

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