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Most people have the basic idea of what glaucoma is. They know that it is a bad condition that affects the eyes that they need to have taken care of. The simplistic explanation of glaucoma is that it is a disease of the eye that can cause too much eye pressure and eventually result in blindness. Those with a strong family history of glaucoma are more likely to develop it than others so make sure you know your family's eye health history.

There are more types of glaucoma surgery than there is with any other eye surgical procedure. There are four main types of glaucoma surgery that are used regularly. Then, underneath three of those types of glaucoma surgery are more different types. Trying to figure out which procedure you should have done in Utah should be a lengthy discussion that you have with your eye surgeon. One type of glaucoma surgery is called a sclerostomy. When you get a sclerostomy, the surgeon creates a channel so that there will be drainage that goes from the anterior chamber to the conjunctiva, which helps relieve eye pressure. The two types of sclerostomy are non-penetrating and penetrating. Non-penetrating does not see the channel go through the anterior chamber, while the penetrating method does.

Another method is iridotomy. Iridotomy is a procedure that is concerned with the iris. The surgeon creates small holes in the iris in order to help with the eye pressure. There are also two types of iridotomy: corectomy and laser peripheral iridotomy. With corectomy, there are just some portions of the tissue of the iris removed. With laser peripheral iridotomy, the surgeon burns a hole at the very base of the iris with a laser beam. The next type of glaucoma surgery is laser trabeculoplasty. Laser trabeculoplasty is a process that burns part of the trabecular meshwork somewhere below the iris. There are also two types of this procedure: argon laser and selective laser. Argon laser utilizes an argon laser to burn the holes. Selective laser only burns certain areas instead of it all. Finally, there is viscocanalostomy, which is not done very often. All that's done here is Schlemm's canal is exposed.

Cost of glaucoma surgery in Utah can be paid in part by insurance. Since the average cost of Utah glaucoma surgery is around $3,000, you'll still need to pay some of the bill. If you don't have the money, there are several financing options for you to explore with your surgeon.

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