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LASEK surgery is a vision correction procedure that is similar to PRK and LASIK. In all three types of procedures, a laser is used to correct an individual's vision by reshaping the cornea. The biggest difference between the three is the way that the cornea is prepared before the laser treatment itself. When an individual undergoes LASEK, the epithelium is first loosened and then eliminated and then swapped out once the laser treatment is completed. An individual undergoing this particular type of surgery will first have anesthetic drops applied to their eyes to help reduce the amount of pain they experienced during the surgery.

It is important for an individual to understand the procedure and the potential risks and benefits of this surgery, as well as the cost of LASEK surgery in Alabama in order to decide whether or not it is worth it. Individuals who undergo LASEK surgery generally experience some discomfort for several days after the procedure during which time the epithelium heals and re-attaches to the eye.

There are some potential complications that an individual should be aware of before they choose to undergo LASEK surgery. The most common complications are dry eyes, infection, vision problems, and inaccurate vision correction. The vast majority of individuals, however, experience a dramatic improvement in their vision. Individuals who stand a greater risk of receiving an eye injury are generally better off choosing LASEK surgery rather than LASIK. Of course, it is the cost of LASEK surgery in Alabama that is the primary concern for individuals, especially those whose insurance does not fully cover the procedure.

The overall cost an individual can expect to pay if they undergo LASEK surgery in Alabama will be approximately the same as that of LASIK surgery. On average, an individual may pay between $500 and $1500 for LASEK surgery in Alabama. Of course, the costs may be greater or less depending on the procedure, the surgeon, and the facility in which the surgery is being performed. Overall, most individuals have found that the cost of LASEK surgery in Alabama is well worth the rewards they get what their eyes appealed and the experience better vision, often for the first time in years.

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